The C.C.E. are pleased to announce the nominees for the 5th Annual Canadian Cinema Awards.


We will be celebrating at the Delta Hotel (75 Lower Simcoe Street) on June 4th, 2015.



Rob Chandler – Surviving Evil EP211

Jonathan Dowler, Al Manson, Kyle Martin, Ben O’Neil, Steve Taylor – Amazing Race Ep05

Simon Marcroft – Income Property Ep119

Ian McBain – 16×9 S07 Ep02

Mark Westberg – Income Property Ep128


Short Film

Matthew Anas – Iris

Diane Brunjes – Happy 1 Year

Maureen Grant – Still

Adam Locke-Norton – Entangled

John Nicholls – The Last Halloween


Web Series

Geoff Ashenhurst – Whatever Linda – No Boys Allowed

Graham Chisholm & Stephen Roque– Whatever Linda – Oh Henry

Paul Skinner – Whatever Linda – Tis but a Scratch

Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux – SOS Ep4

Thom Smalley, Anthony Baird, & Lawrence Jackman – Guidestones Sunflower Noir Ep10



Robert Ciasnocha, Brian Berger & John Logan – Mike The Knight EP-H051

Stephanie Duncan & Marc Brenzil – Trucktown-Ep10

Jamie Ebata  & Dan Lee – The Day My Butt Went Psycho – Ep23

Luke Sargent – Indigo

Kurt Skyers & Jason Cohen – Little Charmers Ep10


Half Hour

Trevor Ambrose – Schitt’s Creek – The Cabin

James Bredin, C.C.E. – Schitt’s Creek – Don’t Worry It’s His Sister

Matthew Hannam, C.C.E. – Sensitive Skin Ep106

Tony Kent – Sports on Fire – Terrolympics

Nicholas Wong – Degrassi – Finally Part 2


TV Movie or Mini-Series

Mike Banas, C.C.E. – High Moon

Michael Doherty, C.C.E. – Big Driver

Kye Meechan – Book of Negroes Ep1

Tad Seaborn – Bomb Girls – Facing the Enemy

Susan Shipton – Book of Negroes Ep6


Feature Film

Adam Locke-Norton- Mountain Men

Matthew Hannam, C.C.E. – James White

Aaron Marshall- The Calling

Dev Singh- Backcountry

Jorge Weisz- Wet Bum



Ricardo Acosta, C.C.E. – 15 to Life

Ricardo Acosta, C.C.E. – Marmato

Manfred Becker, C.C.E. – Before the Last Curtain

Nick Hector, C.C.E. – Monsoon

Haya Waseem – Stay Aubrey


Television Drama

Lisa Binkley, C.C.E. – Motive Ep206 Bad Blonde

Christopher Donaldson, C.C.E. – Penny Dreadful Ep105 Closer Than Sisters

Lisa Grootenboer, C.C.E. – X Company Ep101 Pilot

Mike Lee, C.C.E. – Remedy Ep201 Our Friend, Chaos

D. Gillian Truster, C.C.E. – Orphan Black – Governed As It Were By Chance


Congratulations to all our nominees.  Nominees can purchase their tickets this weekend (email to get info).  Everyone else can purchase tickets as of Monday.  C.C.E. members $65 and Non members $90 (if you would like to join the CCE and then take advantage of the members price please email.

Student nominations and the Lifetime Achievement Award will be announced next week.