Canadian Screen Awards Nominees 2019

Canadian Screen Awards 2020

Congratulations to our CCE members who are nominated for a Canadian Screen Award.

Achievement in Editing

Simone Smith


Richard Comeau, CCE


Graham Withers


Dave Kazala, CCE

Dolphin Man

Duncan Christie

Mary Kills People: Fatal Flaw

D. Gillian Truster, CCE

Anne with an E: Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion

Matthew Anas

Cardinal: Blackfly Season

Paul Winestock, CCE

Blood and Water: 201

Brenda Terning & Krystal Moss

Equus: Story of the Horse – Chasing the Wind

Cathy Gulkin, CCE

You are Here

Michael Tersigni, CCE, Jonathan Dowler, Gloria Tong, Owin Lambeck (Plus 2 other editors)

The Amazing Race Canada: Just a Beaver Hero

Jonathan Dowler, Baun Mah, Ryan Monteith, Mike Scott, Andrew Gurney, Seth Poulin, Michael Tersigni, CCE, Jordan Crute, Owin Lambeck (Plus 9 other editors)

Big Brother Canada: Finale

Michael Tersigni, CCE, Ryan Monteith, Mike Scott, Elianna Borsa

Top Chef Canada: Double Overtime

Jonathan Eagan

Workin’ Moms: 2005

Mike Fly (plus 3 other editors)

Baroness von Sketch Show: Is that you Karen?


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