Leo Nominations 2019

2020 LEO Awards Banner Feature Image

Congratulations to our CCE members who received 2019 Leo Nominations today!

Sabrina Pitre


Jamie Alain, CCE (plus 1 other editor)

Red Snow

Hart Snider


Patrick Carroll

Letter from Masanjia

Lara Mazur, CCE

No One Would Tell

Lisa Robison, CCE

The Simone Biles Story: Courage To Soar

Trevor Mirosh

Exhibit Man

Alexander Farah

Gong Ju

Elad Tzadok

The Shipment

Brendan Woollard

After the Sirens

Greg Ng

Finding Big Country

Franco Pante

Expecting – Tiani & Brodie / Nellie & Bryce 

Brent J. Rubin (plus 1 other editor)

vcSave My Reno – Nancy & Eric

Lisa Robison, CCE
Loudermilk – Saturday Night 


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