FIN Atlantic Film Festival - Best Editing Award 2019

Best Atlantic Editor 2019 Andrew MacCormack

The CCE were a proud sponsor for the FIN Atlantic Film Festival. We sponsored the Best Atlantic Editor Award.

The award was presented to Andrew MacCormack for his work on GUN KILLERS. Congratulations!

Andrew MacCormack is a freelance filmmaker available for hire as director, editor or director of photography. He has directed, shot or edited projects for organizations including The CBC, Discovery HD, National Geographic and The National Film Board of Canada.

Andrew has shot on four continents and his work has been broadcast worldwide. He wrote, directed and edited the series “Cubicle to the Cage” in which he received a Canadian Screen Award nomination. His short film “Here and Away” (PBS USA) won multiple audience awards and played on Air Canada flights worldwide.

He edited the acclaimed documentaries, “The Man of a Thousands Songs” (TIFF 2010), “Silas” (TIFF 2017, Exec Prod. Leonardo DiCaprio) and “Gun Runners” (Netflix 2017).

He was the cinematographer and editor of the documentary “Hand.Line.Cod” (TIFF & Berlinale 2016). He was also the cinematographer on the film “Danny” and edited the documentary, “Bad Coyote” – Both films were nominated for Canadian Screen Awards.

He most recently wrote and directed the documentary “Sickboy” which was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award and won best documentary at the Screen Nova Scotia awards.

Andrew is proudly from Prince Edward Island and is now based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where he lives with his wife Julie and two sons, Miles and Dominic.

How long have you been an editor for?

Professionally for 13 years.

What genres have you worked on?

I’ve worked on basically everything under the sun! But have specialized in working on documentaries.

What has been an interesting/favourite project so far?

I feel super fortunate to earn a living making films, so I’m grateful for them all. But my last documentary that I directed, “Sickboy,” was maybe my favorite because it was the result of 12 years of learning every day, then putting all those lessons in to practice to create a great film that our whole team was proud of and has affected a lot of people in a positive way. 

What are you currently working on?

At this very moment, I’m editing a documentary series called “Ocean School” for the National Film Board. Why did you decide to become an editor? I decided to become an editor because I wanted to cut my first documentary and was very curious about the process. But after the first few years of cutting, I realized I maybe had a knack for it. I always felt super comfortable cutting, even when I sucked at it, haha! I just love the power you have to control the emotion of a story. I have the utmost respect for every discipline in filmmaking, but I feel like the edit is where the film is really made, especially in documentary.

I just really feel at home in the edit suite.

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