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We have held three Behind the Screen events so far. The first was with Simone Smith as she talked about her work on Firecrackers. Our second was with Mark Arcieri as he discussed Workflow from Prep to Delivery and our third one was with Konstantin Bock for his work on the film Capernaum.

These events took across around the world from Germany, to Australia and other parts of the globe. Hosting Zoom events has really been a great opportunity to connect with others. With thanks to our speakers Simone Smith, Mark Arcieri and Konstantin Bock and also to our moderators Maureen Grant and Dody Dorn, ACE.

We have two upcoming Behind the Screen Events:

June 21st: Behind the Screen – Queering the Script

June 30th: Behind the Screen – Avid ScriptSync & PhraseFind

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