Episode 008 - Nina Helen Hirten

Coffee with an Editor is a series of friendly one-on-one interviews with editors from Canada and around the world.

Nina Helene Hirten is a cinematic editor and multimedia artist in Los Angeles.

Some of her recent notable work was serving as editor for Universal’s “Curious George: Royal Monkey,” and Previsualization Editor for both Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and Sony’s “Venom.” In addition, she edits indie projects in the genres of animation, horror, drama, and more. Currently, she is lead editor on Amy Pohler’s animated series “Duncanville”, airing on Fox and Hulu.

Where to watch Nina’s recent work (US & Canada):

Curious George: Royal Monkey” – Crave

Duncanville” – Fox, Hulu


Edited By

Chrissy Papaioannou


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