Episode 023: The A-Team: Inside the World of Assistant Editing

Episode 023: The A-Team: Inside the World of Assistant Editing

This episode is the the panel The A-Team: Inside the World of Assistant Editing that was recorded on October 17th 2019 at Jaxx - A Creative House in Toronto.

This episode was generously sponsored by Jaxx – A Creative House.

The A-Team inside the world of assistant editing panel

For many post-production professionals, their introduction to the cutting room is through the world of Assistant Editing. This talk provides a deep dive into the role of the Assistant Editor across the spheres of scripted and unscripted film and television.

Panelists Shelley Maclean (Master Chef Canada, Kim’s Convenience, Jann Season 2), Maja Jacob (Loudermilk, Percy, Take Two), and Xi Feng (Last Train Home, The Apology).

They bring a wealth of experience to this discussion on workflow, technology, collaboration and teamwork in the cutting room. 

The panel was moderated by award-winning editor D. Gillian Truster, CCE.

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Danny Santa-Ana

Jaxx - A Creative House

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