Lifetime Achievement and Career Achievement Award - 2021 Press Release

Lifetime Achievement Award

Michel Arcand, CCE

2021 CCE Awards Michel Arcand, CCE Lifetime Achievement Recipient

The CCE is thrilled to announce the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2021 — Michel Arcand, CCE. For over 40 years, Michel’s work has elevated the craft of picture editing within Canada and beyond. His continued contributions to the editing community as a mentor and fierce advocate for editors have been immeasurable. The CCE will proudly present this honour to Michel virtually at the 11th Annual CCE Awards on June 3rd, 2021.

Michel Arcand’s career as an editor has spanned more than 40 years, earning him a unique place in the Canadian cinema community amongst the artists and professionals whose careers he has watched emerge and mature.

He has even guided—and continues to guide—some of our greatest filmmakers: Léa Pool, Jean-Claude Lauzon, Pierre Falardeau, Robert Ménard, Charles Binamé, Chloé Robichaud, and Sébastien Pilote, to name but a few.

Michel Arcand is part of that elite group of artisans and creators whose reputation transcends borders. His work, too, is internationally recognized, with movies like TOMORROW NEVER DIES: JAMES BOND #18, SUNSHINE, and THE SIXTH DAY being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands around the world.

Generous with his time and wealth of experience, he is a founding member of the Comité des Treize, an independent group whose mission is to unite editors of all stripes to promote the field and restore its prestige.

Arcand has long been a freelancer, which likely fuels his drive to ensure better working conditions not just for himself, but also for his fellow editors. His mission to support his community led him to sit on the Board of Directors of the Academy of Canadian Cinema. He has been on the Board of Directors of the Alliance of Image and Sound Technicians (AQTIS Local Section 514 IATSE) since 2006.

A man of principle, he cares deeply about collective values and ensuring equity for all roles in production. To that end, he is an advocate of a strong, unified organization to represent those roles and ensure that investments are made in professional development and training the next generation of creators.

Career Achievement Award

Jane Tattersall

2021 CCE Awards Jane Tattersall Career Achievement Recipient

The CCE is delighted to announce the recipient of the Career Achievement Award for 2021 — Jane Tattersall. This award is presented to a non-editor who has shown great support for Canadian editors and the editorial profession over the course of their career. Jane has been a fixture in the Canadian post-production industry for over 30 years. Her enormous support for Canadian filmmakers, from our most recognized artists to first-time storytellers, has fostered incredible growth of talent across our industry. The CCE will proudly present this honour to Jane virtually at the 11th Annual CCE Awards on June 3rd, 2021.

Jane Tattersall’s career in sound began during a rainstorm. A graduate of Queen’s University (philosophy), her first job in film was as a researcher/writer on a BBC/TVO documentary series. When the picture editor added the rumble of thunder to an otherwise merely beautiful landscape scene, it was love at first sound.

Ask Jane about her success over 30 years and she attributes it to her luck of being mentored by some of the best sound editors and mixers in the business. Great filmmakers such as Jaco van Dormael, Bill Forsyth, Deepa Mehta, David Cronenberg, and Istvan Szabo contributed to her education.

Jane built relationships with Canadian filmmakers like Clement Virgo, Sarah Polley, Richie Mehta, and Mike McGowan. Jane’s passion for sound excellence and hard work helped this next generation of filmmakers take the stage at the Oscars, at Cannes, in Toronto and at film festivals around the world.

Jane’s work has taken her to studios beyond Canada, including stints in Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, London, LA, Skywalker, and New York. Numerous credits, nominations and awards followed and today Jane counts over 170 credits (film and television), and over 100 nominations and awards. Jane’s recent sound supervising includes THE HANDMAID’S TALE, THE NORTH WATER and 13 MINUTES.


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