Episode 59: EditCon 2021: In Conversation with D. Gillian Truster, CCE

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Today’s episode is part 1 of a 6 part series covering EditCon 2021 that took place virtually in February 2021.

Working from home: has COVID-19 changed the collaboration dynamic forever, or are we just waiting to head back into the office? Stephen Philipson, CCE, and D. Gillian Truster, CCE, kick things off by sharing stories of rolling with the punches in 2020, and reflecting on how the job of editing may or may not change when the pandemic finally ends.


Hailing from Toronto, Gillian began her career as an assistant editor. She has since had a diverse career editing drama series, feature films, and MOWs in a variety of genres, and the good fortune to work with many prominent and celebrated producers, directors, and screenwriters. Gillian is best known for her work on Orphan Black, Anne with an  E, and The Expanse. She has won two CSA awards, a DGC award, and has earned eleven award Nominations.


Stephen is an award-winning editor of TV series such as Altered Carbon (Netflix), American Gods (Starz), Anne with an E (CBC/ Netflix), and Hannibal (NBC), and films such as The Wild Hunt (by Alexandre Franchi), Grown Up Movie Star (by Adriana Maggs) and documentary Prom Night in Mississippi (starring Morgan Freeman), which premiered at Sundance, broadcast on HBO, and screened at The White House. Stephen is honoured to serve as CCE President and help the CCE advocate for editors across Canada.

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