Mentorship - The Long and Winding Road: Career Development & Planning
April 30, 2022

This event took place on April 30, 2022.

Presented in English / Présenté en anglais

Whether you’re just starting out or have been working for years there are always questions when planning your career path. Join the CCE for a special mentorship-driven online event focused on early and mid-career development and planning. Mentee participants will cycle between four virtual breakout rooms hosted by some of the CCE’s best. Editor mentors will lead discussions and answer questions on a variety of career development topics. After the sessions are complete, join us for some virtual socializing.

Breakout Rooms:

Getting on top of your career aspirations is all about assessing potential opportunities. For many, taking assistant editing jobs is an integral stage in development; for others, diving straight into editing is the way to go. You might want to work with an agent, or go it on your own. Either way, you’ll need to network and interview successfully to advance your career. It’s a lot to navigate and we’re here to help. ​​Learn about strategies for short and long-term planning and tips for selling yourself and your skillset to others.

Negotiating for yourself can be tough, especially when you’re eager to jump into a new project. Standard contracts rarely provide all the details and protections you need, and even with the help of an agent, it can be hard to know what to ask for. Union projects can provide certain benefits, but many types of work are not covered by this umbrella. We’ll talk rates, kit fees, schedules, edit suite setups, use of home offices, credits and more in this all- encompassing discussion.

We all know how difficult working remotely can be. Managing communication is often difficult, notes can be delayed, streaming cuts can be a pain, constant messages can be distracting and “real time” editing is hardly a replacement for having multiple minds in a room. And where do you turn when you’re stuck or need advice?
Rest assured everything is overcomable. We’ll discuss some of the tools and strategies to keep the collaborative spirit going while working remotely and hear about how to engage peers and mentors to help you along your journey.

There’s a lot more to being “in the chair” than just operating the software. The cutting room can be rife with emotion, internal politics, high stakes, and lots of stress. Despite tight deadlines and high expectations, the editor is often expected to sit calmly at the center of it all. Learn some tips and techniques for navigating collaboration and conflict in the edit suite.

About the Event

April 2022

1-3pm EST



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