The Editor's Cut - Episode 071 : Creatives Empowered Presents: Cultivating & Harvesting EDI

Episode 071 - Creatives Empowered Presents: Cultivating & Harvesting EDI

In today’s episode we are sharing a panel that Creatives Empowered produced called Cultivating & Harvesting EDI. The panel includes Jordan Baylon, Soni Dasmohapatra, Dinu Philip Alex and Pam Tzeng and is moderated by Shivani Saini.

CREATIVES EMPOWERED (CE) is a non-profit collective of artists + creatives. We are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, empowering each other as an allied community. We are film + tv, media and arts professionals – from emerging to established – based in western Canada. We are the first and only organization of its kind in Alberta. CE is inspired by and embodies what is truly possible when racialized talent are empowered to thrive.

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A special thanks goes to

Kim McTaggart, CCE

Shivani Saini

Chen Sing Yap

Hosted and Produced by

Sarah Taylor

Main Title Sound Design by

Jane Tattersall

ADR Recording by

Andrea Rusch

Mixed and Mastered by

Tony Bao

Original Music by

Chad Blain

Sponsor Narration by

Paul Winestock


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