Episode 16:
SPECIAL EDITION: LES MONTEURS À L’AFFICHE Round table of family stories

In this new episode, we bring you a roundtable discussion on the theme of "Family stories", which had been presented at the Cinéma Moderne, in Montreal on November 5, 2022, as part of the "Les monteurs à l'affiche" Festival

Les Monteurs à l'affiche - Roundtable family sotries

Since 2016, “Les monteurs à l’affiche” has presented an annual event highlighting the work of editing artisans and to share with the public some of the challenges encountered at this crucial stage of film creation.

For this year’s event, in partnership with Labdoc and Tënk, the organizing committee invited five editors to discuss their work on documentaries about the family. Hosted by Isabela Motta Pincowsca and Anne-Gabrielle Lebrun Harpin, this round table is a unique opportunity to reflect on the family bond between filmmakers and their subjects, and the ways in which this relationship creates creative intimacy in their collaboration with the editor.

All these films are available on several platforms such as Tënk, NFB. Links below.

Une femme, ma mère, de Claude Demers

Les lettres de ma mère, de Serge Giguère

Babushka, de Kristina Wagenbauer

Pinocchio, de André-Line Beauparlant

Le Petit Jésus, de André-Line Beauparlant

Les Rose, Félix Rose


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