The Canadian Cinema Editors presents its 7th annual conference EDITCON 2024

Toronto, December 15, 2023 – The Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE) is pleased to present EDITCON 2024, the seventh annual conference on the art of picture editing, and will take place between February 9th to 11th, 2024.  The conference will host virtual events as well as in person events in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton.  We are also excited to have our first EditCon exclusive podcast episode!  This will be a special release on January 1st and will be available to everyone!

A wave of new innovation is around the corner, and big questions around the industry landscape are emerging. But technology is nothing without the storytellers behind it. As the industry changes, Editors find themselves at an intersection of technological change. How can we navigate this new and exciting future? What are the ways Editors are adjusting to ensure they are telling the best stories possible? EditCon 2024 will give the floor to some of the most talented voices in the profession, as they address some of the challenges that they face.

The weekend will feature panel discussions on editing comedy, theatrical films, and unscripted programming, with some of Canada’s top editors sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience.  There will also be a presentation about Artificial Intelligence (presented in English and French)

In addition to fascinating panels and a podcast, there will be a series of virtual breakout rooms as well as some exciting programming for our in person events.  We will also have some amazing products to raffle off!

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Beth Biederman – CANADA’S DRAG RACE
  • Dean Davis – CANADA’S DRAG RACE
  • Jonathan Dowler, CCE – CANADA’S DRAG RACE
  • Valentine Goddard – ART X AI: THE STORIES OF TOMORROW
  • Maureen Grant, CCE – FITTING IN
  • Nick Houy, ACE – BARBIE
  • Drew MacLeod – SHORESY
  • Isabelle Malenfant, CCE – THE DISHWASHER
  • Kimberlee McTaggart, CCE – MOONSHINE
  • Justin Oakey – THE KING TIDE
  • Sabrina Pitre, CCE – FAKES
  • Jay Prychidny, CCE – WEDNESDAY
  • Lindsay Ragone – CANADA’S DRAG RACE
  • Sarah Taylor, CCE – HEY, VIKTOR!

Tickets will be available starting December 18th, 2023. 

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With the participation of the Government of Canada.

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