CCE Mentorship Trivia Night
February 8, 2024

This event took place on February 8, 2024

Presented in English / Atelier en anglais

Join us online, Thursday February 8th, for a special CCE Trivia Night that will kick start our EditCon festivities!

Get ready to have your editing shortcuts, movie, and insider knowledge challenged, as you and your teammates compete against other CCE members for the coveted Timeline Trophy. There is no ‘undo’ option in this game, so your answers better be exactly to spec! Questions will range from general film and editing knowledge to more specific questions about our 2024 EditCon guests and their body of work. 

You will be assigned to a team of 5-6 people, led by a mentor, and participants will have the opportunity to have career-related discussions in between trivia questions. The event will be held within a virtual space, so members in all regions of Canada can take part. News of the winning team is sure to make .wav’s across the country!  

About the Event

January 2024

8pm EST



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