Breakout Rooms

Day 1

Assistant Editors: Keisha Rose & Shayne Hontiveros

Fast thinking, deep technical skill and knowing your shortcuts are just some of what is needed to be a great Assistant Editor. Join the Assistant Editors behind COMPANY TOWN, BIG BROTHER CANADA, SCARBOROUGH and THE PORTER to ask your questions, get some answers and have a great time.

Meeting ID: 884 1895 4872

Passcode: 867612

ARRAY Crew - Where Everyone Belongs

Created by filmmaker Ava DuVernay and led by an all-women executive team, ARRAY Crew is a personnel database, to ensure that studio executives, department heads and producers are able to access a robust pipeline of qualified below-the-line women, people of color and those from underrepresented backgrounds to staff their television and film crews. ARRAY Crew is partnered with all of the major Hollywood studios and streamers and has recently expanded to Canada.
Join ARRAY Crew’s Director of Industry Relations, Meredith Shea, for an exclusive conversation with Editing Crew Members and Studio Executives.

Meeting ID: 817 1078 1984

Passcode: 850886

Adobe - Enriching Your Videos by Adding Color and Effects

Tell richer stories and evoke a mood using some of the powerful color and effects tools in Adobe Premiere Pro. Join editor, director, and producer Christine Steele to explore filmmaking techniques that make your video look and feel more cinematic. Discover how to edit video to inspire emotion and hook the viewer.
In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify visual interest inherent in your footage so you can enhance it
  • Play with color, lighting, and motion techniques to create a mood or focus viewer attention
  • Add visual punctuation to lead or influence viewer perception

Meeting ID: 955 4933 4115

Passcode: 269408

Omar Majeed & Sam Thomson - Flipping the Script

Get comfortable with two of the editors of SORT OF as Omar and Sam answer your questions, queries, and curiosities. These great minds have extensive experience editing television, documentary, animation, and much more. Dig deeper into their experiences working on this game changing series in this intimate setting.

Omar Majeed and Sam Thomson will only be available in Session 1. There will not be a 2nd session.

Meeting ID: 817 6199 2624

Passcode: 530538

Jorge Weisz, CCE - This Year in Canadian Film

Pull up a seat, bring your questions and settle in for a riveting conversation with the editorial maven of NIGHT RAIDERS. Jorge’s knowledge and passion for film is boundless; his storytelling expertise runs deep. His prolific work in feature films over the past eleven years has continuously brought one festival hit after another. This conversation is a must for those interested in narrative feature editing.

Meeting ID: 816 2716 1382

Passcode: 742486

Michelle Szemberg, CCE & Orlee Buium - This Year in Canadian Film

Spend some quality time with the brilliant dynamic duo behind ALL MY PUNY SORROWS. Michelle and Orlee will answer all your questions about their processes co-editing this award winning film, which marks their second outing as co-editors. Between them these two share over thirty years of experience in post production, from assistant editing to editing, these two know it all. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Meeting ID: 873 5088 4530

Passcode: 516149

Rich Williamson - This Year in Canadian Film

Enjoy some time with the unique talent behind the breakout film, SCARBOROUGH, a film which Rich co-directed as well as edited. Rich has a deep understanding of documentary and short film. His latest film marks his first foray into editing fiction. Dive in, ask your questions, and get insights into the unique process behind this great film.

Meeting ID: 822 8385 8691

Passcode: 286967

Arthur Tarnowski, ACE - This Year in Canadian Film

Join the veteran editor behind DRUNKEN BIRDS to discuss his latest film, answer your burning questions, and talk about all things editing. Arthur’s extensive experience spans almost 3 decades, and includes documentary & narrative film of all genres, television, shorts and trailer editing. Don’t miss this chance to pick the brain of a master of the craft.

This panel will run in English but questions in French are welcome and encouraged.

Meeting ID: 958 4882 4588

Passcode: x1GSuP

Day 2

Narrative Sovereignty - Wapikoni

Stories are powerful; they teach; they hold language, community and culture. They also tie the past to the present and the present to the future. Join Tania Choueiri and Elie-John Joseph from Wapikoni as they discuss narrative sovereignty and the importance of it within indigenous storytelling.

Please note that Session 1 with Wapikoni will be presented in FRENCH only.

Meeting ID: 864 9807 3932

Passcode: 483430

Adobe - Game-Changing Collaboration Camera to Cloud (C2C) enables footage to be delivered instantly from set to editorial. It’s a whole new way of working that lets everyone from editors to producers and other key stakeholders provide real-time collaborative feedback during production. In this interactive demo, you’ll learn how easily C2C enables production to automatically transmit proxies, audio, camera reports, and more — as soon as the Director calls “cut.” Once you use C2C, you’ll wonder how you worked any other way.

Meeting ID: 849 5140 7371

Passcode: 973250

Dylan Tichenor, ACE - Cutting for the Big Screen

Join the two time Oscar nominated editor behind Marvel’s recent blockbuster, ETERNALS. With a career spanning 25 years there’s nothing Dylan hasn’t tackled. From BOOGIE NIGHTS; THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS; BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and ZERO DARK THIRTY are just a few of the brilliant films from his back catalog. Bring your questions and grab your notebook, you’re going to want to take notes.

Meeting ID: 889 0219 1472

Passcode: 878930

Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir, ACE - Cutting for the Big Screen

Brace yourself for a thrilling question period with one of Hollywood’s go to action editors. Her work co-editing SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS is her latest outing in her long run of action packed features including JOHN WICK; ATOMIC BLONDE and DEADPOOL 2 to name a few! If action is your thing this is a room you won’t want to miss.

Meeting ID: 858 9344 3290

Passcode: 854261

Michèle Hozer, CCE & Brina Romanek - Learning From the Best

Sit down with this mentor/mentee pair to answer your questions regarding all things mentorship. Learn more about their process and collaboration on A CURE FOR THE COMMON CLASSROOM, the importance of mentorship and much more.

Meeting ID: 912 0172 8342

Passcode: GUeD83

Ricardo Acosta, CCE & Jordan Kawai - Learning From the Best

Put on your thinking cap and bring your queries for this mentor/mentee pair. They’ll dig into your questions about how their mentorship relationship has evolved, how BETRAYAL came to be and all things mentorship.

Meeting ID: 817 7989 2166

Passcode: 258190

Harry Yoon, ACE - Cutting for the Big Screen

Gather your best questions and get ready for an amazing session with one of the co-editor’s of SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS. Harry’s rock solid knowledge of editing such dramas as DETROIT, EUPHORIA and the Oscar nominated MINARI was instrumental in creating this film’s smashing success. Make sure you’re prepared to take in all you can from this rare talent.

Harry Yoon will only be available in Session 1. There will not be a 2nd session.


Meeting ID: 929 4660 3598

Passcode: 868014


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