02 - 04 Jun 2023



EditCon 2023 Re-Release

Missed going to EditCon 2023?  We are re-releasing the 4 EditCon Panels for a limited time!  Purchase your pass to access this content!  It will be available Friday June 2nd to Sunday June 4th.


**If you already purchased a ticket for EditCon, we will give you access to these panels again.  We will send you the links when they open up on June 2nd.

**CCE Awards 2023 Nominated Jay Prychidny, CCE

Award-winning producer and editor Jay Prychidny, CCE will be joining us as the keynote speaker this year. Prychidny’s vast experience ranges from editing some of the most-watched reality television in this country, including AMAZING RACE CANADA. He has led the post-production on ORPHAN BLACK and recently edited the new WEDNESDAY series and forthcoming SCREAM 6. Jay will share insights about his editing process and lessons from his dynamic career in post-production.

The arrangement of moving pictures is referred to as cinematic language. But it is the skillful combination of picture and sound that transports the audience into a story. Strong visual and audio storytelling immerses the viewer into a world where dragons fly through the sky in HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. It makes our worst nightmares come true in the dreadful depths of the Upside Down in STRANGER THINGS. Stay tuned to hear about the latest from the sound designers and editors behind these phenomenal shows.

Documentary has the power and versatility in exploring urgent social subject matters, yet it can also embrace an intimate first-person narrative, or even become an experimentation of cinematic craftsmanship. This year we are inviting the editors from three critically acclaimed Canadian documentaries. Whether it’s the sensory and cinematic collaboration between a filmmaker and a naturalist on Sable Island (GEOGRAPHIES OF SOLITUDE), the eye-opening testimony from the Coloured Hockey League about the untold history of racism in ice hockey (BLACK ICE) or the heart-wrenching revisit of her older brother’s death in BACK HOME, each of these films was made with powerful bravery and is sublime in its own way. 

**CSA 2023 winners Simone Smith, CCE and Anthony Shim

**CCE Awards 2023 Nominated Sophie Leblond, Simone Smith, CCE and Christopher Donaldson, CCE, ACE

In a media landscape that favours rapid consumption and uniformity, Canadian cinema has become a vessel for diverse stories. RICEBOY SLEEPS portrays the struggles of immigration, while we embark on the search for the next stage of human evolution in CRIMES OF THE FUTURE. In VIKING, we find a reflection on the human condition in an attempt to explore Mars. Video rental nostalgia and adolescent cinephilia come together in the film I LIKE MOVIES. The editors from these riveting Canadian films will join us in a panel conversation.

Canadian Cinema Editors / Les Monteurs et Monteuses de cinéma canadien


Canadian Cinema Editors / Les Monteurs et Monteuses de cinéma canadien

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