The 4th Annual CCE Awards

Award Winners

Paul Hunter – The Nut Job *WINNER*

Jason Cohen, Simon Box – Oh No! It?s an Alien Invasion, Brainlius 3,4,5 / Diary Drama

Pete Watson, Melanie MacDonald, Jon Hutton – Napkin Man, Ep 108 Just Me in the Tree / Try-share-a-tops

Dan Lee, Jamie Ebata – The Day My Butt Went Psycho, Episode 13

Kurt Skyers, John Logan – Sidekick, Episode 48

Mark Ratzlaff – Blood Relative *WINNER*

Roland Schlimme, Roderick Deogrades – The Ghosts in Our Machine

Anne Feldman, Jamie Cussen – Amin Amir

David Kazala – Derby Crazy Love

Jonathan Mathew, Nick Zacharkiw – Unclaimed

Erin Deck – Sunday Punch *WINNER*

Bryan Atkinson – Hole

Paul Day, CCE  – Method

Kirby Jinnah – Shamed

Richard Mandin – The Archivist

Giorgio Saturnino, Michael Esteves – Jonathan Toews, Every Picture Tells a Story *WINNER*

Jay Tipping – Chopped Canada, The Proof is in the Pudding

Giorgio Saturnino, Michael Esteves – Offbeat Roads Danakil Diaries, Ep 1 Is It Over Yet?

Guy Georgeson, Mark Westberg – Income Property, Ep 7105 Nicole & Michelle

Katie Chipperfield, Neil Sitka – Close Encounters, Ep 108 Nuclear Reaction

Jay Prychidny – The Next Step, Ep 30 Winner Takes All

Gordon Thorne, CCE – Degrassi, Ep 1337 Believe Pt 1

Jason Irvine – Degrassi, Ep 1240 The Time of My Life Pt 2

Craig Webster, CCE –  Satisfaction, Ep 106 First Contact

Duncan Christie – Satisfaction, Ep 107 Janet


Michael Doherty, CCE – Darknet, Episode 101 *WINNER*

Jason Leaver  – Out With Dad, Dining In & Out

Mike Donis – Pete Winning and the Pirates, The Pursuit of the Pathfinder

Ian Macleod – Polaris, Episode 2

Jon Anctil – World War Geek, Ep 108 It?s All Fun and Games Part 2

Stephen Lawrence, CCE – Orphan Black, Episode 103 *WINNER*

Teresa De Luca, CCE – 19-2, Deer

D. Gillian Truster – Orphan Black, Unconscious Selection

Mike Lee, CCE – Copper, Ep 205 A Morning Song

Jamie Alain – Continuum, Second Guess

Gareth C. Scales, CCE – What Remains *WINNER*

Jamie Alain – Flowers in the Attic

Gordon Rempel, CCE – Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story

Jamie Alain – Delete, Night 1

Ellen Fine – Bunks

Matthew Hannam – Enemy *WINNER*

Jorge Weisz – Empire of Dirt

Jeanne Slater – Evangeline

Aaron Marshall – The Colony

Duff Smith – The Husband

Walter Woodman, Ryerson University – Noah

Ray Savaya, Sheridan College – Walk the Moon

Mark Fifield, Humber College – Rosbilt

Daniel Haack, Ryerson University – Bridges

Angelica Falco, Sheridan College – Anatomy of a Sunbeam

Debra Karen became interested in film when she took an elective course in Cinema at Dawson College in Montreal which was taught by Larry Kent. While studying, she was hired as a second assistant editor to work at Cinepix on their production of Across This Land with Stompin? Tom Connors.

When that film finished she remained at Cinepix working on hundreds of commercials for the films they distributed while finishing her education at night and during summer ?holidays?, graduating in Communication Arts, magna cum laude.

?Editing was a career choice that meant everything to me?, Debra says. ?There was always something to learn, puzzles to solve and new challenges to be faced. For someone who loves movies, it is the best career choice. The editor tells the story of the film in a way that is appropriate to the story. Does the scene call for shock or suspense? Should the editing be invisible or aggressive? The editor makes every person on a film, whether in front of the camera or behind, look good. I can?t think of a better profession.?

Her credits at Cinepix included Bill Fruet?s Death Weekend, Eddie Matalon?s Blackout, Ivan Reitman?s Meatballs, Larry Kent?s Yesterday and J. Lee Thompson?s Happy Birthday to Me.

Debra worked on many Canadian and American TV movies and miniseries, working with directors including Philip Saville, George Kaczender, Pierre Gang, Simon Wincer and Tim Southam. Her association with Joseph Sargent was the most productive and included eight TV movies and miniseries including: Day One starring Brian Dennehy and David Strathairn; The Incident starring Walter Matthau; Ivory Hunters starring John Lithgow, Isabella Rossellini and James Earl Jones; Mandela and de Klerk starring Sidney Poitier and Michael Caine; Streets of Laredo starring James Garner and Sissy Spacek; and Salem Witch Trials starring Kirstie Alley, Henry Czerny, Alan Bates, Peter Ustinov and Shirley MacLaine.

Debra is an icon of this industry ? literally? hers is the face of Cronenberg?s Shivers. Debra currently resides with her husband, Michael in Hudson, Québec.


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