The 6th Annual CCE Awards

Award Nominees & Winners

Stephanie Duncan, Joycelyn Poon & Lee Maund – Trucktown: Trucktown Run *WINNER*

Tom Berger –  Paw Patrol: Pups Save A Big Bone

Robert Ciasnocha & Simon Box – Fresh Beat Band of Spies: Singing Pirate

Sam Thomson – The Curse of Clara: A Holiday Tale

Pete Watson & Jon Hutton – Napkin Man: New Shoes  

Tiffany Beaudin – Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah *WINNER*

Kathryn Dickson – The Woman Who Joined The Taliban

Mark Holtze – American Lawmen: Melvin Purvis, The Gangbuster

Jason Schneider – Keeping Canada Alive: Ep 1

Sarah Taylor – The Harder I Fight II 

Cathy Gulkin, CCE – Guantanamo?s Child *WINNER*

Michèle Hozer, CCE – Sugar Coated

Nick Taylor – Al Purdy was Here

Eamonn O?Connor, Carole Larsen & Sally Blake – The Messenger 

Robert Swartz – Hurt  

Stéphane Lafleur – O Negative  *WINNER*

Jamie Alain, CCE – The Adept 

Courtney Goldman – My Viola

Ben Lawrence – I Remember Laura 

Michelle Szemberg – Mr Bernstein 

Nicolas Wong – We Are Disorderly: Our New Friend *WINNER*

Bryan Atkinson – Riftworld Chronicles: Ep3

Neil Sitka, Joel Shecter, Vitold Vidic & Ian Morehead – How Hard Can It Be

Elad Tzadok – The Drive: Ep 4

Elad Tzadok – The Drive: Ep 7

Neil Sitka & Miles Davren – Vegas Rat Rods: Ep 201 *WINNER*

Jonathan Dowler, James Hebbard & Craig Anderson – Hockey Wives: Ep 106

Duff Smith – Reelside: Ep 103

Kristi Macaulay – Income Property: Ep 9146

Alison Taylor – Open House Overhaul: Ep 1011

Steve Taylor, Michael Tersigni, Anna Bigos &  James Osso – The Amazing Race Canada: I Said Straight, You Gorilla *WINNER*

Jonathan Dowler, Ryan Montieth, Baun Mah & Al Manson – Big Brother Canada: Finale

Jorge Parra, Robert Kennedy, Robert Kew & Jeremy Lalonde – Buy It, Fix It, Sell It: Pull the Rug

Brent J. Rubin – Game of Homes: Master Bedroom

Eric Bos ? Leader (Sheridan College)

Eric Bos ? Lockwood (Sheridan College)

Kevin Horan ? Voskhod (Vancouver Film School)

Andriy Koval – As I Like Her (Centennial College)

Chi-Hsin Lui ? Reflect (Vancouver Film School)

Harrison Perez ? Evan (Humber College)

Rene Seijas Zamboni & Miguel Quintero – Reconnection (Vancouver Film School)

Jorge Parra – Still Standing-Eganville *WINNER*

Jonathan Eagan – What Would Sal Do – Loaves and Fishes

Paul Hart & Paul Hessell – High Valley Home Movie

Jay Prychidny – Lost and Found

Paul Winestock, CCE – Blood Water: Ep 101

Don Cassidy, CCE – Texas Rising *WINNER*

Lara Mazur, CCE – On the Farm

Dona Noga, CCE – Hello It?s Me

Ron Wisman, CCE & Ron Wisman Jr. – Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

Ron Wisman, CCE – Anne of Green Gables

Michael Doherty, CCE – Hannibal: Antipasto *WINNER*

Matthew Anas – Orphan Black: Ep 304

Teresa Hannigan, CCE – Saving Hope: All the Pretty Horses

Thomas Joerin, CCE – Remedy II: Day One

Stephen Philipson, CCE – Hannibal: Ep 306 

Duff Smith – River *WINNER*

Bryan Atkinson – Closet Monster

Mike Banas, CCE – The Legend of Barney Thompson

Maureen Grant – He Hated Pigeons 

Jorge Weisz – The Steps 

The 6th Annual CCE Awards Event GalaRoushell Goldstein was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, received her BA from Carleton University, and immediately left Ottawa on her ?Grand Tour? of Europe. In 1968, she ended her tour in Israel where she settled in the city of Jerusalem with an offer to work at the newly established Israeli Television Network. For the next five years, she worked in the editing department on news, sports, current affairs and the odd documentary (where budgets allowed). Roushell learned to edit with glue and hot-splices, then Steenbecks arrived from Germany, and she progressed to splicing tape and the splicer. That, of course, lasted for a few decades until the big transition to digital in the early 1990s.

Her first job back in Canada in 1973, was with Hobel-Leiterman Productions cranking out weekly documentaries for two series: Here Comes the 70?s et Target the Impossible. Many young and talented people got their start there as directors and editors, guided by the visionary television producer Douglas Leiterman and his wife, Beryl Fox.

After a year there she continued to work off and on as a freelancer for CTV, CBC, the National Film Board and many, many privately-funded productions, creating documentaries, TV one-offs and series, both documentary and drama, and feature films until retirement.

Highlights of Roushell?s vast CV include: Raoul Wallenberg: Buried Alive, which won the Genie for best documentary feature, and was short-listed for the Oscars; Live it Up, which won festival awards in New York and Toronto; kickstarting the Degrassi Junior High series; Half the Kingdom, which Roushell co-directed in addition to edited; Playing for Keeps, which won honours around the world; she also edited seminal dramas such as Hurt Penguins, Liberty Street, Joe?s So Mean to Josephine, The Fishing Trip, Passengers, et Drop the Beat.


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