Canadian Screen Award Nominations 2020

Cam McLauchlin

Disappearance at Clifton Hill

Simone Smith


Lara Johnston


Bruce Lapointe

Invisible Essence: The Little Prince

Eamonn O’Connor (plus 1 other editor)

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band

Nick Hector, CCE


D. Gillian Truster, CCE

Anne With An E: A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good

Lisa Groontenboer, CCE

Anne With An E: The Summit of My Desires

Matthew Anas

Cardinal: Sam Best Picture Editing, Factual Rob Chandler

Mayday: Deadly Descent

Rhonda Thain

Property Brothers: Forever Home (JD & Annalee)

Jorge Parra

Still Standing: Churchill

Ted Husband

The Accountant of Auschwitz

Greg West, CCE

A Day in the Life of Earth

Pauline Decroix

Engraved on a Nation: On the Line

Carole Larsen

Equator: A New World View: Evolution

Lisa Barley, Michael Tersigni, CCE & Mike Scott (plus 2 other editors)

Amazing Race Canada: Canada Get More Maps

Al Manson, CCE, Ryan Monteith, Eliana Borsa, Andrew Gurney, Baun Mah, Seth Poulin, CCE, Chantale Marentette, Jonathan Dowler (plus 8 other editors)

Big Brother Canada: Finale

Chantale Marentette (plus 1 other editor)

Iron Chef Canada: Battle Holiday Nuts

Al Manson, CCE, Elianna Borsa, Jordan Crute & Seth Poulin, CCE (plus 4 other editors)

Top Chef Canada: Winner Takes All

Mike Fly, Aren Hansen, Nick Wong (plus 2 other editors)

Baroness Von Sketch Show: Humanity is in an Awkward Stage

Drew MacLeod

Letterkenny: Dyck’s Slip Out

Kyle Martin, CCE

Letterkenny: Letterkenny vs Penny

Trevor Ambrose, CCE

Schitt’s Creek: Life Is A Cabaret

Paul Winestock, CCE

Schitt’s Creek: Meet the Parents


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