Episode 001: Documentary Confidential

Episode 001: Documentary Confidential

This episode is part one of a four-part series covering EditCon and features multi award winning documentary editors Mike Munn, CCE, Michéle Hozer, CCE and Nick Hector, CCE as they discuss their work with moderator Jay Prychidny, CCE.

The Editors Cut Episode 001 - documentary confidential - edticon panel

This episode features award winning drama editors Daria Ellerman, CCE, Lara Mazur, CCE and Nicole Ratcliffe, CCE as they discuss with moderator Karen Lam some of the impactful projects, they have worked on in their editing careers. 

Mike Munn, CCE

Mike shares his experiences working with Sarah Polley on Stories We Tell, which investigates her family secrets.

Michéle Hozer, CCE

Michéle talks about the challenges of being both the director and editor of Sponsorland, her film about Syrian refugees in Canada.

Nick Hector, CCE

Nick explains how he honoured the vision of Sharkwater Extinction, after the tragic death of director Rob Stewart.

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