Finalistes pour les prix Écrans canadiens de 2021

Félicitations à nos membres CCE qui ont été nommés pour les prix Écrans canadiens.

Jane MacRae

"The Cuban"

Arthur Tarnowski

The Decline / Jusqu’au déclin

Ron Sanders, CCE


Jonah Malak

Dave Not Coming Back

Sandy Pereira

Cardinal: Until The Night: Scott

Paul Winestock, CCE

Departure: Survivor

Katie Chipperfield

Trickster: Episode 102

D. Gillian Truster, CCE

Trickster: Episode 104

Heath Fashina

David Rocco’s Dolce Italia : Hope in the New Rome


Craig Anderson, Cathy Gulkin, CCE (+2 editors)

Every Child Matters


Jenypher Fisher, CCE & Erin Parks

Jade Fever: Heavy Lifting


Jorge Parra

Still Standing: Pelee Island, ON

Cathy Gulkin, CCE

17 And Life Doesn’t Wait


Cathy Gulkin, CCE

Company Town


Carole Larsen

She Walks with Apes

Andrew Gurney, Al Manson, CCE,  Ryan Monteith, Jonathan Dowler, Jeff Perry (+1 other editor)

Big Brother Canada: Episode 11


Wesley Finucan, Baun Mah (+1 other editor)

Great Chocolate Showdown: The World Needs S’More People Like You


Andrew Gurney, Al Manson, CCE,  Jeff Perry (+1 other editor)

Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble 


Al Manson, CCE, Jonathan Dowler, Christina To (+2 other editors)

Top Chef Canada: Final Showdown

Mike Fly, Michael Pierro (+2 other editors)

Baroness Von Sketch Show: Whatever you do, don’t smell his T-shirts


Aren Hansen

Kim’s Convenience: Couch Surfing


Kyle Martin, CCE

Letterkenny: Yard Sale Saturday


Paul Winestock, CCE

Schitt’s Creek: Start Spreading The News


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