The Editors Cut - Episode 68 - In Conversation with Post in Black

Episode 068 - In Conversation with Post in Black

In today's episode, Sarah Taylor chats with the wonderful team behind the podcast Post in Black.

Daniel Hunter, David Hunter Jr. and Tatiana Johnson share the journey of how Post In Black started as a blog and is now in it?s 3rd podcast season showcasing post-production professionals in the black community. We talk about their hopes for the future of Post in Black and the industry at large.

The Editors Cut - Episode 68 - In Conversation with Post in Black

Daniel Hunter

At an early age Daniel Hunter developed a love for the arts growing up in the Washington D.C. Metro area. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Daniel went on to work for Paul Haslinger Productions, Danetracks, Gray Martin Studios, and Extreme Music (Sony/ATV). Daniel has worked with over eleven television networks in the post production realm and has cut his teeth into shows such as HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, MTV’s Making His Band, Awkward, and FX’s The League. His passion for post production led him to establish Post In Black. He is a Co-Founder of Made For More Entertainment and currently works as a software engineer at Crossbeam.

The Editors Cut - Episode 68 - In Conversation with Post in Black

David Hunter Jr.

David Hunter Jr. is an actor, writer and producer born in Washington DC and raised in the surrounding Metro Area. He studied at Hampton University and has since performed at the DC Improv, studied at the Identity School of Acting (Los Angeles) and voiced numerous commercials and tv spots as a voice actor. He is the Co-Founder of Made For More Entertainment and is based in Los Angeles where he and his team are working continuously to produce projects that educate, entertain, inspire and impact the audiences they reach.

The Editors Cut - Episode 68 - In Conversation with Post in Black

Tatiana M. Johnson

Hailing from Durham, NC, Tatiana M. Johnson is a producer and creative consultant with more than a decade of experience. She holds a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Business Management from Hampton University and has worked directly with companies including Leslie Lewis Consulting, WME Entertainment, Canady Foundation for the Arts, and Duke University. She has maneuvered throughout various industries but finds joy in partnering with creatives to bring their artistic visions to fruition. The mantra she carries with her is ?There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it?.

This episode was generously sponsored by Purple Dog Light Vault. 

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