TEMPO AGM 2024: A Recap

By Jane MacRae & Pauline Decroix

We are excited to share the highlights of our recent adventures at the TEMPO Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Film Editors? Symposium hosted in Copenhagen in mid-November 2023. We immersed ourselves in three days of industry discussions, networking, and inspiring meetings with editors from around the world.

The event was held at the National Film School of Denmark. In total, there were 54 attendees in person and online.

©Photo: Ludwik Sielicki

©Photo: Pauline Decroix

New Beginnings: Electing a Fresh TEMPO Board

The centerpiece of the TEMPO AGM was the election of a new board, marking a pivotal moment for the organization. Several founding board members, after four years of dedicated service, graciously stepped back to make way for fresh perspectives and ideas. So much hard work has gone into establishing this remarkable organization and we look forward to seeing the new perspectives that the next board will bring.

Tempo Board

From left to right : Sarah McTeigue (Italy-AMC), Are Syvertsen (Norway-NFK), Julie Dupré (France-LMA), Özcan Vardar (Turkey-KUDA), Karina Vilela (Brazil-AMC), Alejo Santos (Argentina-SAE), Michelle Tesoro (USA-ACE). Missing in the photo: Job ter Burg (The Netherlands-NCE), Sebastián Hernández (Colombia-ECCA)
©Photo: Filip Grobgaard

Growing Global Connections

One of the most exciting updates was the expansion of TEMPO’s membership. We warmly welcomed Ireland, Nigeria, Croatia, and Japan into the TEMPO family, bringing the total number of national organizations to 35, with over 8500 members worldwide. TEMPO has moved out of its infancy and is becoming a global force in our industry.


©Photo: Filip Grobgaard

AGM Insights: Task Forces and Collaborations

The AGM wasn’t just about elections; it was a platform for insightful updates. TEMPO has task forces dedicated to Events & Master Classes, Communications, Authorship & Copyright, and Artificial Intelligence. A special nod to the communications group for unveiling a sleek new website: (https://www.tempo-filmeditors.com/)

TEMPO’s ongoing partnership with Netflix was also discussed. The streaming giant continues to run training seminars in select countries around the world, and has relied on the expertise of TEMPO members to design and operate the courses. This partnership has provided TEMPO with an income stream to help fund its own initiatives, however the arrangement has been criticized by some members because Netflix has ultimate control over where these sessions are run. TEMPO remains committed to advancing editing skills and fostering international collaboration and is open to discussion about other educational options that could benefit a wider range of members.

Facing the Future: AI in Film Editing

A hot topic of discussion was the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our industry. A dedicated task force, in collaboration with other industry organizations like Artsenico, Imago, et EFSI, is actively addressing the implications of AI. Concerns ranged from potential job displacement to the nuanced artistry of editing being overshadowed by AI-generated assemblies. These discussions mirrored recent concerns raised during the SAG strike in the US.

Facing the Future: AI in Film Editing

©Photo: Filip Grobgaard

Beyond the AGM: Editing Symposium at the Danish Film School

Post-AGM, the Danish Film School generously hosted a two-day editing symposium, treating attendees to master classes by renowned editors Mikkel E.G. Nielsen, ACE (THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN, SOUND OF METAL), Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE (POOR THINGS, THE FAVOURITE), Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir, ACE (DEADPOOL 2, SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS, JOHN WICK), and Michelle Tesoro, ACE, BFE (MAESTRO, THE QUEEN?S GAMBIT). We were extremely lucky that Michelle was able to provide an exclusive preview screening of MAESTRO prior to her talk.

The symposium wasn’t just about learning; it was an opportunity to connect with fellow editors, share experiences, and reignite the creative spark. Of course, we indulged in plenty of delicious food and drinks
along the way!

©Photos: Pauline Decroix

The CCE Advantage: TEMPO Membership

As members of the Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE), we left the AGM with a renewed appreciation for our affiliation with TEMPO. The organization’s ability to address global industry issues and influence international policy is a valuable asset. We would like to thank all the organizers of the event, particularly the Society of Danish Film Editors (DFS) as well as the National Film School of Denmark for graciously hosting us for the weekend. We look forward to the next chapter in TEMPO’s story.

For CCE members eager to dive deeper into TEMPO, the website, discussion forum, and social media channels are excellent resources. (All CCE members may access the discussion forum, contact Ali for more information). Those interested in contributing to TEMPO’s initiatives can reach out to Pauline Decroix for information on a joining task force.


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