Congratulations: Emmy Award Nominations

Congratulations: Emmy Award Nominations

Emmy Trophy

Congratulations to our CCE members who were nominated for an Emmy Award:

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series

Trevor Ambrose, CCE

Schitt’s Creek: Happy Ending

Paul Winestock, CCE

Schitt’s Creek: Start Spreading The News

Événements passés

Behind the Screen Series

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We have held three L’Envers de l’écran events so far. The first was with Simone Smith as she talked about her work on Firecrackers. Our second was with Mark Arcieri as he discussed Workflow from Prep to Delivery and our third one was with Konstantin Bock for his work on the film Capernaum.

These events took across around the world from Germany, to Australia and other parts of the globe. Hosting Zoom events has really been a great opportunity to connect with others. With thanks to our speakers Simone Smith, Mark Arcieri and Konstantin Bock and also to our moderators Maureen Grant and Dody Dorn, ACE.

We have two upcoming L’Envers de l’écran Events:

June 21st: Behind the Screen – Queering the Script

June 30th: Behind the Screen – Avid ScriptSync & PhraseFind

Behind the Screen Series

Winner for Best Editing at VSFF 2020 – Hayley Sawatzky

Winner for Best Editing at VSFF 2020 - Hayley Sawatzky

The Canadian Cinema Editors were proud sponsors of the Vancouver Short Film Festival and were honoured to present the Best Editing Award.

Hayley Sawatzky was the recipient of the award for her work on the short film Laura

Laura, a young half Indigenous woman undergoes a conversation with her lawyer Mr. Wilson to determine how to present her case before the court. Mr. Wilson attempts to keep the process positive, but his ignorance begins to make Laura question her identity and her place in society.

Congratulations Hayley for your win!

We are pleased to introduce you to Hayley below:

Q: How long have you been an editor?

Just under two years! 

Q: What genres have you worked on?

Mostly dramatic shorts, however, I’m very excited to be working on a few comedy projects this year!

Q: What has been an interesting/favourite project so far?

de Sarah Polley,Laura” was a wonderful project to work on and I learned so much from the director Kaayla Whachell. It was daunting to work on such an important story but I am so proud of the final product.

That said, the most recent project I worked on was a Crazy8s film by Andy Alvarez called “Sol“, as anyone who has participated in a Crazy8s will tell you, it was defiantly an experience I’ll always remember. Working with Andy was so wonderful, she and Studio 104 did an incredible job prepping for all stages of production, I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Q: What are you currently working on?

I am working on another project with Kaayla Whachell and two Telus Storyhive short series. I will also be a consulting editor on an animated short, I am very excited to explore animation!


Our Deepest Condolences to a Post-Production Legend: Gregor Hutchison


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