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In Conversation with Avrïl Jacobson, CCE and Annie Jean, CCE

In Conversation with Avrïl Jacobson, CCE and Annie Jean, CCE
March 8, 2023

This event took place on March 8, 2023

Presented in English / Atelier en anglais

Join us on March 8th for an in depth conversation with editor Avrïl Jacobson, CCE and Annie Jean, CCE as they discuss their work on crafting powerful documentary films celebrating two bold and visionary indigenous women in Ever Deadly and Mary Two-Axe Early.

This event will be moderated by Sophie Farkas-Bolla.

The following bios are only written in the presenting language.

Avrïl Jacobson, CCE is a Toronto-based editor, story editor and consultant. Feature film work includes Ever Deadly (TIFF 2022), Jaddoland (Independent Spirit Award 2020), The Prison in Twelve Landscapes (Hot Docs 2016), My Prairie Home (Sundance 2014), and Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John (Hot Docs 2016). In television, Avrïl’s work includes The Skin We’re In (CBC), BLK: An Origin Story (History Channel), In the Making (CBC Arts) and The Boyz II Men Effect, part of the hit Netflix series This Is Pop. In 2011, Avrïl received a Gemini Award for Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Program or Series.

Annie Jean made her debut in film in the late 80’s in Montreal. She started out as assistant editor, mainly in fiction, working on, among others, Léolo by Jean-Claude Lauzon and Mouvements du désir by Léa Pool. She also worked at sound editing on a number of films and on post-synchronization for Denys Arcand’s Jésus de Montréal and as dialogue editor in Pierre Falardeau’s Octobre.

For a number of years she has been editor on a vast number of documentaries and fictions. Her recent work has been concentrated on independent documentary productions. Her films have been recognized in festivals, both abroad and in Canada.

Some of her most notable contributions are Grabrielle Roy by Léa Pool, Le Territoire du comédien by Jean-Claude Coulbois, The Phantom of the Operator by Caroline Martel, The other side of the country by Catherine Hébert, My Father’s Studio by Jennifer Alleyn, Alphée of the Stars by Hugo Latulippe, My Real Life, by Magnus Isacsson, Ziva Postec, the editor behind the film Shoah by Catherine Hébert and more recently, The Forbidden Reel by Ariel Nasr.

The films on which she worked have won over forty awards in various national and international film festivals. Annie has received two Genie Awards for her work on, What remains of us by Hugo Latulippe and François Prévost and also for La part d’ombre by Charles Gervais.

Over the years she has taught film editing in various institutions like L’Institut national du son et de l’image (INIS) in Montreal.

Sophie Farkas Bolla is a Montreal-based filmmaker who divides her time between writing, directing and editing. She first made a name for herself as an editor and stood out by editing films that travelled to festivals such as TIFF, Berlin and Hot Docs. She has been nominated for numerous Iris Awards and a Canadian Screen Award for her work on films such as Danae Elon’s P.S. Jerusalem (2018), Shannon Walsh’s The Gig is Up (2021) and Tracey Deer’s Beans (2021). She works in both fiction and documentary.

Alongside her editing career, Sophie is also a director. Her first feature film, Adventures in the Land of Asha, an adventure film for the whole family, will have it’s theatrical release in the province of Québec on July 21 2023.

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2021 Iris Award Nominees

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Episode 001: Ziva Postec, The Editor Behind the Film Shoah

Ziva Postec

Episode 1: Ziva Postec, The Editor Behind the Film Shoah

Meeting with Annie Jean, CCE, and Catherine Hébert, hosted by Paul Ruban

Épisode 001: Ziva Postec, la monteuse derrière le film Shoah, Ziva Postec

We are pleased to present the first episode of L’art du Montage.

On November 7, 2019, the CCE hosted a screening of ZIVA POSTEC, THE EDITOR BEHIND THE FILM SHOAH, at the Alliance Française of Toronto, with director Catherine Hébert, and editor Annie Jean, CCE. The evening was hosted by Paul Ruban. We are pleased to share with you this beautiful evening of discussion around this film.




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