Announcing New Full Members 2019

Announcing New Full Members 2019

2019 Full Member List CCE

This year (after a decision at the 2018 AGM), it was agreed that a 2nd jury would also be held to consider Non-Scripted and Animation Editors.

We are pleased to announce our newly accepted Full Members from this jury (the other jury results will be announced next week).


Jeremy Harty, CCE
Annie Ilkow, CCE 
John Nicholls, CCE
Annie Jean, CCE 
Véronique Barbe, CCE 
Justin Lachance, CCE
Al Manson, CCE
Kyle Martin, CCE 
Seth Poulin, CCE 
Rob Swartz, CCE 
Dan Hawkes, CCE 
Tim Wanlin, CCE 
Jenypher Fisher, CCE 
George Wright, CCE 
Annellie Samuel, CCE 
Stephanie Duncan, CCE 
John Whitcher, CCE 
Mark Stokes , CCE

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