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Episode 017: This Year In Dramatic Film

Episode 017: This Year In Dramatic Film

Episode 017: This Year In Dramatic Film

This is part four of our four-part series covering EditCon 2019.

In this episode we will hear from indie feature editors Michelle Szemberg of Un Traductor, Christine Armstrong of The New Romantic and Isabelle Malenfant, CCE of Pieds nus dans l’aube. There’s no formula to a festival hit, but these three editors, each with a recent feature film on the circuit, shed light on their respective experiences.

This panel discussion, moderated by Lisa Grootenboer, CCE, focuses on their careers in indie film, their process in editing these films, getting a festival run, and what lies ahead.

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Cathy Gulkin

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NorthwestFest 2019: International Documentary Festival

NorthwestFest 2019: International Documentary Festival

2019 Northest Fest International Documentary Film Festival CCE Sponsor

The CCE is proud to sponsor the screening of Unmothered at the 2019 NorthwestFest in Edmonton, Alberta on May 5th.

On August 31, 1995, tragedy struck the Guerrette family when Mona, a mother of two, died from breast cancer at age 42, leaving behind a husband and their daughters, Mylène and Marie-France.

But she also left behind a stirring farewell message that would serve as a testament to her life. Unmothered is a film directed by Marie-France Guerrette and produced by the NFB. Both the director Marie-France Guerrette and editor Pauline Decroix will be present for the screening followed by a Q&A.


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