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The 9th Annual CCE Awards Nominees and Winners

9th Annual CCE Awards

The 9th Annual CCE Awards Gala In Review:

Congratulations to our winners for the 9th Annual CCE Awards. There were over 300 people in attendance (even with the Raptors playing right outside the venue)!

Canadian editors are world class! Thanks to everyone in this room, post-production is thriving in Canada.

Stephen Philipson, CCE + Jane MacRae


Editor Stephen Philipson, CCE
Jane McRae Vice President of the CCE Board

A Selection of 2019 Awards Photos:

Watch the Live Broadcast Here:

Award Nominees & Winners

Tom Berger – Space Between Stars *WINNER*

Annellie Samuel – Magic School Bus, rides again: I Spy with my Animal Eyes

Hart Snider – Shop Class

Stephanie Duncan, Jason Cohen & Lee Maund – Hotel Transylvania: Fangceanera

Tom Berger – Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups

Greg Ng – Finding Big Country *WINNER*

Colin Waugh – Ha Ling Peak

Giorgio Saturnino & Louis Saturnino – CBC Olympic Journey : Virtue & Moir, Roxanne

James Blokland – Year of the Gun

Michèle Hozer, CCE – In Search of a Perfect World

Nick Hector, CCE – Sharkwater Extinction *WINNER*

Annie Jean – Ziva Postec, la monteuse derriere le film Shoah

Eugene Weis – Metamorphosis

Hart Snider & Maxine Shewan – Botero

Patrick Carroll – Letter From Masanjia

Thom Smalley – Likeness *WINNER*

Holly Pavlik – Camping Trip

Isabelle Malenfant, CCE – The Lure Of The Deep (Une jeune fille et la mer)

Rachel Guergis – Small Fish

Teresa Hannigan, CCE – I Beat Up My Rapist

Ian Sit – In the Making: Lido Pimienta *WINNER*

Cameron Nixdorf & Gordon Thorne, CCE – Vacations Of The Brave: Mandy & Joe

Clark Masters & David Mitchell – Mister Tachyon: Can Mother Nature Heal Us?

Danny Palmer – Steel Town Down

Steve Taylor – Hip-Hop Evolution: The Southern Way

Ashley Brook, Kyle Cucco & Josef Beeby – Canadiana: The Love Triangle That Brought Down Quebec *WINNER*

Christine Armstrong – Kristal Clear 107: Only with Heart

Graham Withers – True North: Cordel 1 – Trust The Process

Lindsay Allikas – Rambling: Eileen Myles

Shelley Therrien – Ghost BFF

Courtney Goldman – Odd Squad: World Turned Odd *WINNER*

James Hebbard – The Big Fun Crafty Show: EP 101 – Robot

Lisa Robison, CCE – Zombies

Meagan Oravec – Scout and the Gumboot Kids: The Case of the Cracking Sky

Nicholas Wong – Holly Hobbie: EPS104 The Pickle Princess

Michael Tersigni, CCE, Mike Scott, Elianna Voskakis & Ryan Monteith – Top Chef Canada: Que Rico *WINNER*

Andrew Gurney, Al Manson, Jonathan Dowler, Clare Elson, Seth Poulin & Jordan Wood – Top Chef Canada: Finale Four Ways

Jonathan Dowler, Ryan Monteith, Owin Lambeck, Jordan Wood, Michael Tersigni, CCE & Craig Anderson – The Amazing Race: The Battle of the Two Courtney’s

Jorge Parra – Still Standing Season 4: Huntingdon

Mike Scott, Michael Tersigni, CCE, Elianna Voskakis & Ryan Monteith – Top Chef Canada: Wine of the Tiger

Dev Singh – Little Dog: Ep. 107 *WINNER*

John Nicholls – Little Dog: Ep 102

Kye Meechan – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: Two Broken Fingers

Matthieu Bouchard & Dominic Montplaisir – Leo: Episode 1

Matthieu Bouchard & Oliver Binette – Like-Moi: Ep 24

Lisa Grootenboer, CCE – Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey *WINNER*

Eric Goddard, CCE – The Truth About Christmas

Luis Lam – Deadly Deed: A Fixer Upper Mystery

James Patrick – Caught

Pia Di Ciaula, CCE – A Very English Scandal

Brendan Barnard – After Animals (Sheridan College)

Brittany Hockley – Proximity (Ryerson University)

Raj Jain – 14.02 (Centennial College)

Zachary Roth – Rosie (Sheridan College)

Zhenya Dolzikov – The North Woods (Ryerson University)

Pia Di Ciaula, CCE – The Crown: Episode Nine – Paterfamilias *WINNER*

D. Gillian Truster, CCE – Anne with an E: I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion

Justin Lachance, Véronique Barbe, Dominique Champagne, Maxime Lahaie, Émile Vallée, Jai M. Vee – Sharp Objects: Milk

Stephen Philipson, CCE – Anne with an E: Youth is the Season of Hope

Wendy Hallam Martin, CCE – The Handmaid’s Tale: Episode 201 June

Lara Johnston – Mouthpiece *WINNER*

Dev Singh – Ghostland

Greg Ng – At First Light

Sabrina Pitre – Freaks

Simone Smith – Firecrackers

9th Annual CCE Awards Gala

In 1988 Dean Balser, a longtime staff editor at CFTO-TV / Glen-Warren Productions in Toronto,  left his full time position to pursue a freelance career. At the time, Dean had a long-standing relationship with Grosso-Jacobson Entertainment in New York through their successful collaboration on the highly acclaimed series Night Heat, the first Canadian series to be broadcast on CBS. Producer Sonny Grosso and Dean created a strong bond, with Grosso hiring Dean on many series and MOW’s in subsequent years, even bringing Dean to New York for one project, clearly showing the faith and trust he had in Dean. Dean’s work was noticed by U.S. producers -Grosso and others – at a time when few American shows would edit in Toronto. He was a ‘go-to’ editor for CBS, NBC and ABC as they shot pilots here and required a steady hand. He was fortunate to be an editor for CBS, NBC and ABC as they shot pilots here.

Dean became acclaimed not only for his editing work, but also for his role as a friend and mentor to many in the industry. His work has been varied and always of the highest quality, ranging from the cop shows with Sonny Grosso, to drama and science fiction. Dean has also cut musical variety and comedy as well as various forms of documentary, doc-series and factual productions, displaying one of the most versatile voices in editing in Canada. He was at the forefront of the evolution of editing from film to digital, working on the most advanced editing platforms of the day, including being an early user of Avid systems.  Dean also served as 2nd Unit Director on various film and television projects.

The 9th Annual CCE Awards Event Gala

Over those years Doug has earned the respect and friendship of many in the editing department as well as producers.  His leadership has put him at the forefront of in-demand Post Supervisors and is a model by which all in editing strive to achieve.

Doug started working in television while still a high school student in the shipping department of VTR Productions in Toronto where he would spend lunch hours in the back of the studio watching Jim Henson and the muppets shooting Fraggle Rock. Doug received a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson University in Toronto, and then a Masters from Syracuse University in New York.

Doug’s first post supervising job was on the TV series My Secret Identity, followed by four years on the seminal CBC drama Street Legal.  After spending more time in TV, Doug transitioned to Post Supervising features; his first 2 movies were for HBO Pictures which lead to his first theatrically released movie: Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream.  Over a dozen TV series and 28 Feature Films later he is still working as a Post Supervisor.

The list of editors Doug has worked with is long, but he would especially like to thank the editors who he worked with when he was first learning on the job.  Editors such as George Roulston, Ralph Brunjes, Susan Shipton, Ron Sanders, Don Cassidy and Dean Balser.  All of these editors shared their knowledge of the film business and the importance of editing to the film making process. 

Doug has recently taught post production seminars and participated on panels for Ryerson University, Humber College and Syracuse University.  A career highlight occurred last year when he attended the 90th Academy Awards with the team from Best Picture winner The Shape of Water.


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