CCE Health Talk – Physical Health in the Edit Suite

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CCE Health Talk – Physical Health in the Edit Suite

Presented in English (questions can be asked in English or French)

Join us on November 20th as Stéphane Pépin and Salia Qiao from Clinique Aurora in Brossard, Quebec talk to us about physical self-care (especially since we can be stuck in the edit suite!).

Drawing on their knowledge about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, tension relief, Chinese Facial Gua Sha, and ergonomic equipment, this East-meets-West session will include an interactive Q&A component towards the end (available in English and French). Handouts will be provided with the tips and exercises that will be shared at the event.

The CCE does not wish for the cost to be a barrier to attending. For a reduced price ticket please contact

Make sure to register as we will email the ZOOM login details the day of the event.

Salia Qiao

Salia, founder of Aurora Chinese Medicine, licensed massage therapist, Chinese medicine practitioner; she specializes in holistic skin care and pediatric tuina massage.

Born and raised in China, Salia has firsthand experiences of the rich wellness culture of Chinese Medicine, and see how it is applied in people’s daily life. Living in Montreal since 2006, Salia holds a BA in Communication Studies, and worked in the media and fashion industries for several years, she then developed a keen interest in holistic urban living.

After becoming a mother, her own health issues and those of her family increased her interest in holistic health. While searching for ways to integrate holistic health care into everyday living, she took a bold decision to embrace her love for Chinese medicine and, teaming up with acupuncturists, she then created Aurora Chinese Medicine. Salia is passionate about modernizing traditional Chinese medicine to meet today’s needs, and dedicates her efforts to bring the best of this ancient wisdom to as many people as possible.

Stéphane Pépin

Stéphane’s interest in health care began in his teens with lifeguarding and first aid services with the Canadian Red Cross Society. He competed in lifeguard competitions across Quebec and was involved with the Canadian Red Cross Society in disaster relief locally and internationally, as well as in first aid training.

Acupuncturist since 2002, Stéphane first practiced in Whitehorse, Yukon before going to perfect his knowledge and techniques in China for a little over a year. He then moved to Sherbrooke, where he practiced for 5 years, before coming to Montreal in 2011.

Stéphane is serious about providing the best possible care to his clients and he constantly seeks to improve and expand his knowledge. The focus of his practice on the treatment of sports injuries and optimization of athletic performance, as well as the support of cancer patients. He completed a mentorship program with Whitfield Reaves, a leading figure in the field of sports acupuncture, and he regularly travels to China, where he undergoes a rigorous apprenticeship in Chinese hospitals.

Stéphane is also a teacher of acupuncture in the acupuncture department of College Rosemont and he teaches medical and pediatric tuina to therapists as well as the general public.

He is happy to put his experience and knowledge at your service in order to help you accomplish your health and performance goals.


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