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Mentorship Program 2020 Participants

Mentorship Program 2020 Participants

Mentorship Program 2020 Participants

The CCE is excited to announce the participants in the 2020 Mentorship Pilot Program.

We are very pleased to present our first five participants, who were chosen from a very competitive field of applicants.

These five candidates demonstrated a passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence in editing, and we are very pleased to be able to offer them support from industry veterans as they develop their skills.

These five “mentees” represent the future of our industry, and the future looks bright indeed!

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MAJDA DRINNAN Mentee CCE Mentorship Program 2020

Majda Drinnan (Mentee)

Since joining the DGC and the CCE in 2006 and 2016 respectively, Majda has had the honour of working with, and learning from so many amazing and talented editors. In recent years, she has edited episodes of I Lived with A Killer, Hollywood Homicides and the short film, Viaticum. Majda is looking forward to all the exciting new experiences within the mentorship programme.

Michael Doherty, CCE (Mentor)

Michael Doherty, CCE (Mentor)

Over the past 25 years, Michael has edited 18 feature length films, including three films for George A. Romero, Alan Moyle’s Weirdsville, and Vincenzo Natali’s Haunter. He has also worked on a number of television series: Hannibal for NBC, Ransom for CBS and Wynonna Earp for Syfy Channel. He has received four DGC nominations, winning two; and four CCE nominations, also winning two.


Sarah Claydon (Mentee)

Sarah Claydon (Mentee)

Sarah Claydon is an emerging film editor in Toronto. She holds an undergraduate degree in Cultural Studies from McGill, a Graduate Certificate in Journalism from Sheridan, and a Masters in Documentary Media from Ryerson. In 2018, Sarah was awarded the Gold Medal for Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design. Sarah just co-edited her first feature documentary, After Fact (2020), and is also experienced in fiction. For the past few years, Sarah has worked as a digital producer for CBC Radio and CBC Podcasts, creating video content and writing for online.

Avrïl Jacobson (Mentor) CCE Mentorship Program

Avrïl Jacobson (Mentor)

Avrïl Jacobson is a Toronto-based editor, story editor and consultant. Feature film work includes The Prison in Twelve Landscapes, My Prairie Home, Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John and Jaddoland, which received an Independent Spirit Award. Television credits include In the Making and The Skin We’re In. Avrïl received a Gemini Award in 2011 for Best Picture Editing.


Brina Romanek (Mentee) Mentorship program 2020 CCE

Brina Romanek (Mentee)

Brina Romanek is a documentary film editor and director. She has directed and edited films for RogersTV, True Calling Media and CBC. She has also worked as an editor for documentary companies such as Fathom Film Group and Media One Creative. Her most recent film Counting on a New Crop, was selected for the NSI Online Short Film Festival, and her upcoming film, Portrait of Pockets will be released on CBC Gem this coming February.

Michèle Hozer, CCE (Mentor) Mentorship Program 2020

Michèle Hozer, CCE (Mentor)

With two films on the Oscar shortlist, Emmy-nominated and multiple Gemini-winning Michèle Hozer has been working as a filmmaker and editor in Canada since 1987. Her work has received accolades from the most prestigious film festivals in the world, and includes Shake Hands with The Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire, Promise to the Dead, and The Reckoning: Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret. Michèle’s directing credits include the Academy-Award shortlisted Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould, West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson and Sugar Coated, probing the role of sugar in a global healthcare epidemic.


Ellora Dela Fuente (Mentee)

Ellora Dela Fuente (Mentee)

Since graduating from the Advanced Television and Film program at Sheridan College, Ellora has been working as an Assistant Editor. Most recently, she has worked on shows including Last Stop Garage, Big Brother Canada and The Great Canadian Baking Show.

Lauren Brandon (Mentor) Mentorship program 2020

Lauren Brandon (Mentor)

Lauren has been involved in film and television post production for over a decade. She has worked on projects for companies such as Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Audience AT&T, MGM, Hulu, Netflix, Lifetime, Hallmark, Showtime and HBO. Lauren recently edited Double Holiday for Hallmark, Holly Hobbie Season 2 for Hulu and was a First Assistant on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3.


Varunraj Gandhi (Mentee) Mentorship program CCE 2020

Varunraj Gandhi (Mentee)

Varunraj Gandhi, aka Varun, is an Editor & Assistant Editor based in Toronto. He has an MFA in Film Production Degree (Editing emphasis) from Chapman University, California. He has worked as a Promo & BTS Editor for Disney ABC Studios in LA and in India for two big-budget Indian films. Currently he works as an Assistant Editor at Scott Brothers Entertainment and as a freelance editor for Uninterrupted Canada.

Shelley MacLean (Mentor) Mentorship Program CCE 2020

Shelley MacLean (Mentor)

Shelley MacLean is a Toronto-based Assistant Picture Editor with a background in Film Studies from Concordia University, Montreal. Her Post-Production experience in Toronto spans 9 years working as an Assistant Editor on Documentary, Unscripted and Scripted projects including Property Brothers, Master Chef Canada, Ice Road Truckers, Kim’s Convenience and Jann.


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