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Cutting Drake’s Videos Panel

Cutting Drake's Videos

Cutting Drake's Videos Event:

Downtown Toronto was hit with a major power outage at the strike of 7pm last night, just as our Cutting Drake’s Videos Panel was to begin. Despite having no power for most of the Q&A, it was an amazing panel.

It was a sold out event!

Thanks to our moderator Jordan Hayles and our editors Raj Ramnauth, Laura McMillan and Kat Webber. Thank you also to Triangle Post for hosting us and working hard to figure solutions for the power outage!

Listen to the podcast episode recording here.

About the Event

God’s Plan, Hotline Bling, Nice for What – these music videos have hundreds of millions, if not billions of streams – and they’re being cut right here in Toronto by Canadian editors.

Editors Laura McMillan, Raj Ramnauth, and Kat Webber will shed light on collaborating with world-renowned music video directors (Director X, Karena Evans) and the creative process behind some of the most watched clips on the web.

Moderated by editor Jordan Hayles.

This event is open to CCE members only – however a CCE member can bring 1 guest for $10.

Welcome and mingle at 6.30pm and Panel to begin at 7pm.

April 2019

6:30pm - 9:30pm

241 Spadina Ave, Toronto


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