The 7th Annual CCE Awards Event Gala


The CCE aims to build and strengthen Canada’s vibrant and diverse post production community by bringing together editors of all experience levels from all corners of the country. Through in-person and online events, we create opportunities to connect with like-minded people, find support, and form professional partnerships that will last a lifetime. Click here to become a member.


The CCE also fosters connections with the international editing community. Through our partnership with TEMPO (an international federation of editors associations), our members can access a forum for sharing knowledge and expertise with editors from around the globe. We also collaborate regularly with other editing associations, including our sister organization to the south, the American Cinema Editors (ACE).

2nd International Film Editors Forum
Episode 014: Films Making a Difference Cutting Content with an Important Social Message


The CCE provides platforms through which we can lift up and support each other as storytellers, technicians, and artists. Editing can be a solitary profession, but through our many programs and events, we aim to remind our members that they are part of something bigger–a proud tradition of like-minded people who help craft the stories that entertain and enlighten people around the world.


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