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Mentorship Program CCE mentors with their Mentees at a brunch

About the Mentorship Program

The CCE’s Mentorship initiatives help emerging and mid-career Editors and Assistant Editors improve their creative, technical, and networking skills in order to reach the next level in their careers. Programming under the Mentorship umbrella includes virtual meetups such as small-group learning sessions, one-on-one mentor/mentee speed-dating, and networking sessions.

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CCE Mentorship Kit

The CCE is happy to provide this Mentorship Kit as a guideline to help structure a mentoring relationship.

The basic aspects of this kit are free for all to use for any mentorship pair, and registration is not required.

The CCE encourages post-production professionals to circulate this guide and modify it to suit their needs.

This guide is for those who have already formed a mentorship pair or group. If you are looking for assistance in how to connect with a potential mentor, see “How to Find a Mentor”.

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The program is open to Associate or Full Members of the CCE who are Ontario residents. Not yet a member? Non-members may become members at the time of application. To join the CCE, click here. Applicants must have at least two years’ experience in the film & television industry. Applicants must not currently be in school.

The program itself lasts one year, however we hope the relationships that you form over the course of the program will last much longer!

Mentees can pursue mentorship in a variety of facets of post production. Categories available include: Assistant Editing, VFX Editing, Scripted Picture Editing, Documentary Picture Editing, and Post-Producing.

Mentorship is provided in three stages:


Mentor-mentee pairs are expected to meet in person at least once (ideally 2-3 times), to get to know each other. These meetings can be in a casual social setting and can involve conversation about goals and expectations for the mentorship program, career trajectory advice, general discussion about the craft of editing, the film industry at large, etc.


The mentee will spend time at the mentor’s place of work to observe the mentor in action. A full or partial-day job shadow is an ideal start. In addition to learning about the mentor’s role and responsibilities, special attention should be paid to allowing the mentee to meet other workplace professionals (e.g. others on the post-production team, directors or producers, etc.).


The mentor will provide feedback on some of the mentee’s work. This could include a short film the mentee is working on, or a specific project designed by the mentor/mentee pair to practice/assess the skills of the role being shadowed. The CCE will assist in the formulation of this activity as necessary.

The program will unfold around several “tentpole” events that the mentors and mentees will attend:

Kickoff Day: Mentors and mentees gather for a meet-and-greet and program orientation. Pairs have the chance to meet in person for the first time, as well as socialize with other program participants. Shortly after the kickoff day, the mentor/mentee pairs are asked to present a plan to complete the three stages of mentorship over the next 6-8 months.

EditCon: As part of their acceptance in the program, the mentees receive a free ticket to EditCon. CCE Awards: The mentors and mentees receive a free ticket to the CCE Awards in exchange for their services to the program. Program Debrief and

Reception: Near the end of the program, a debrief and reception will take place to honour the program graduates.

No! The program is designed to be customized to the mentor and mentee’s personal and work schedules. You will be expected to attend a few in-person events with the CCE (typically scheduled on evenings or weekends), and then meet with your mentor as you are able over the course of the program. Meetings can take place over the phone, over video conference, or in person where possible. You and your mentor will work together to determine the best schedule for you.

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The CCE’s Mentorship Pilot Program (Toronto) was launched in 2020, and will be expanded to other regions in future years. 

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