The 3rd Annual CCE Awards

Award Nominees & Winners

Kurt Skyers & Joycelyn Poon – Babar and the Adventures of Badou: Babar the Pirate/Stripes vs. Scales *WINNER*

Joycelyn Poon & Jamie Ebata – Oh No! It’s an Alien Invasion: The Royal Flush/Brainlings on Ice

Shyra De Souza – Distraction of a Stationary Nature

Alain Delannoy – Fraction

Don Lee & Robert Henry – Scaredy Squirrel: Talented Mr. Peacock/Hiccup Hicdown in Balsatown

Nick Hector, CCE – Echoes *WINNER*

Kelly Morris – A Wolf Called Storm

Matt Lyon – Lunarcy!

Michèle Hozer, CCE – Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children

Marcus Valentin – Air Aces: Red Tails

Bryan Atkinson – Night Light *WINNER*

Andrew Coutts – Sequence

Erin Deck – The Devil’s Carnival

Michelle Szemberg – For Dorian

Gordon Rempel, CCE – The Weather Girl

Al Flett & Erin Cummings – Ice Pilots: Episode 406, Crash Landing

Jorge Parra – Income Property 5, Episode 5084: Dan Tanik

Matt Anas – Mother of the Bride: Monetta & Tricia

Tyronne L’Hirondelle, Kevin Mills, Richard Fulop, Brian Mann, Scott Estes, Paul Smart & Mark Murray – Highway Through Hell: I Can’t Take it Anymore

Aren Hansen – Panic Button: Episode 101

Charles Robichaud – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: Uncle Howie *WINNER*

Kimberlee McTaggart – Call Me Fitz: Are You There God?…

Jason Irvine – Degrassi, Episode 1232: Bittersweet Symphony part 2

Ellen Fine – My Babysitter’s a Vampire (Season 2): Fanged & Furious

Lisa Jane Robison, CCE – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: Spaceman

Anthony Baird & Thom Smalley – Guidestones: Episode 30, Market Collapse *WINNER*

Jennifer Prokop – My Lupine Life: Dragon Moon Part 2

Ian Macleod – The Last Fall of Ashes: Episode 5

Jonathan Robbins – Clutch: Episode 200 – Aftermath

Stephen Lawrence, CCE – The Transporter: Episode 112, Trojan Horsepower *WINNER*

Wendy Hallam Martin, CCE – The Borgias: Episode 210, The Confession

Paul Winestock, CCE – Cracked: Episode 110, Blind Spot

Lisa Grootenboer, CCE – The Borgias: Episode 205, The Choice

Mike Banas, CCE – The L.A. Complex: Episode 213, Don’t Say Goodbye

Ron Wisman Sr., CCE – An Officer and a Murderer *WINNER*

Lisa Binkley, CCE – Hitched for the Holidays

Gordon Rempel, CCE – She Made Them Do It 

Roslyn Kalloo – The Phantoms

Susan Shipton – Titanic, Episode 4

Roderick Deogrades – Still Mine * WINNER*

Adam Locke-Norton – Stress Position

Stephen Philipson – Molly Maxwell

Dev Singh – Picture Day

Matt Hannam – Antiviral

Haya Waseem, Sheridan College – Mimos

Mitch Spicer, Vancouver Film School – Captive

Roxana Perez Fernandez, Vancouver Film School – Fish Can Fly

Matt Yim, University of Regina – April Doesn’t Hurt Here

Jon Anctil, Capilano University – Marathon

Zhengwei Chen, Fanshawe College – Gossip

Jason O’Hara, Ryerson University – Demur

Ralph Brunjes, CCE, started his career at the CBC in the 60s, coming up through the ranks as an assistant editor, sound editor and film editor on groundbreaking dramas and documentaries such as Wojeck, The Whiteoaks of Jalna, The Nature of Things and This Land of Ours. He was promoted to Editor in Charge at age 27 and a year later to Assistant Supervising Editor in charge of the day to day running of the Film Department. He had the great pleasure of working with Glenn Gould on the soundtrack of the legendary documentary The Idea of North.

In 1975 Ralph went freelance and focused on drama editing, amassing a large list of credits on over 50 television movies, 16 features, 13 mini-series and multiple TV series. His commitment to excellence in the craft of editing has earned him multiple nominations and awards over the years, including Best Sound and Best Picture Editing Awards the first year of the Geminis, and an Emmy nomination for Joan of Arc.

Ralph has always valued his role as a mentor to young and emerging talent. Throughout his career he has enjoyed working with many great filmmakers, developing lifelong friendships and creative collaborations.

Rik Morden grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and discovered an interest in painting early on. He combined this interest with his passion for storytelling and quickly became an editor hailed for precision, artistry and creativity. Throughout his 35-year career Rik edited feature films, corporate presentations, TV commercials and music videos (which he also produced and directed; Stray Cats, Rush, Chris De Burgh). He was also the rare Canadian to have won an Emmy Award—in 2000 for outstanding achievement in single camera editing for his work on the HBO movie, Mary Cassatt: An American Impressionist.

Rik was rewarded for his efforts with many other awards and nominations. He was nominated for another Emmy in 1999 for Edison: The Wizard of Light, won a Directors Guild of Canada Team Award in 2007 for his editing of the well-reviewed documentary Sharkwater, and was nominated for several other DGC and Gemini awards (Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Rembrandt: Fathers and Sons, Bailey’s Billion$).

Rik’s diversity of talent and pursuit of excellence made him a singular talent and mentor amongst editors.

Gary L. “Kelly” Smith, CCE, was amongst the pioneers of electronic post production and widely known in the Toronto and L.A. communities of editors. His career began at CKNX-TV in Wingham, Ontario in the late 1960’s and flourished until his passing.

To work with him, you would find that he was kind of a quiet guy, but he demanded professionalism on the job and it could be said that “he did not suffer fools gladly”. If you did your job, he had your back. With that trust and his well-known sense of humour (which ran more towards practical jokes), he maintained a core group of friends for more than 40 years.

Professionally, Kelly Smith rose to the top of the game, but he did not sacrifice his family or his private life to the business. He married his wife Sandy in 1979 and together they had a daughter, Kerry, and a son, Sean. He was a Blue Jays fan, a life-long rock and roller, as well as being very handy with his hands, whether it was wood working or building a home theatre, he had many projects that intrigued him. He enjoyed socializing with his many friends—and like his family, they miss him too


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