CCE Letters

The CCE recognizes the achievements of its most dedicated and accomplished members by accrediting them with Full Membership in the organization. Full Members may use the letters “CCE” in their onscreen credit.


The CCE moved to a biennial induction of Full Members, so we will had submissions in 2023 and the next round will take place in 2025. 

What Makes a Full Member

Full Members have demonstrated a dedication to excellence over many years of picture editing. They are recognized by their peers as having exceptional skill.

Their body of work makes a significant and important contribution to the art of picture editing, as recognized by the industry through accolades such as film festival screenings and awards.

They maintain a high degree of professionalism and advance the mission of the CCE by contributing to the Canadian post production community through mentorship, volunteering for CCE activities, or other efforts to support and promote the pursuit of excellence.

Full Members are ambassadors for the CCE, and do their best to uphold the values of our organization as they pursue their careers at home and abroad.

Full Member Responsibilities

Contribute to the Canadian editing community, for example, through mentorship or participating in CCE activities.

Serve on a full member jury or an awards jury every three (3) years, except in extenuating circumstances,

Be ambassadors for the craft of editing, aspiring to a high degree of excellence and professionalism in accordance with the mission statement of the CCE.

How to Apply for Full Membership

Any CCE member who feels they possess the qualities of Full Membership (including the basic criteria listed below) may apply to become a Full Member. Every year, an application package will be made available in the months leading up to an application deadline (usually in early spring). Interested applicants may submit the package, along with examples of their work to the CCE (full application requirements are listed below).

An anonymous jury of at least seven existing Full Members (including at least one who works in the genre of the applicant) will meet to evaluate the applications and determine which candidates meet the requirements. Those who possess the qualities above, in addition to meeting the basic requirements listed below, will be offered Full Membership in the CCE.

Unsuccessful applicants will be given clear reasons for their refusal, and guidance on how to raise their chances of a successful application in the future. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply in subsequent years if they feel they have addressed the reasons for refusal given by the jury.

Basic Criteria for Full Membership

Applicants must demonstrate a work history with 72 months' experience as a full editor on industry-recognized content (Additional Editor or Associate Editor credits will not be accepted).

Applicants must have been an Associate Member of the CCE for at least three years.

While there is no minimum number of credits, successful applicants will normally have edited the equivalent of at least six feature films or fifteen hours of scripted or factual story-based television content.

Application Requirements

Two letters of recommendation, one from an active Full Member of the CCE who has watched the applicant’s work samples, and one from an industry professional who has observed the applicant in a professional context, but does not work in post production. For editors who frequently work in teams, the letter should reflect their contributions to the team.

Between two and five hours of industry-recognized work samples edited by the applicant. Examples may be short films, episodes of television, or feature films. They must all be complete works on which the applicant has a full editing credit.

A 200-300 word statement outlining why the applicant feels those samples represent their full body of work, and why they demonstrate the applicant’s eligibility for full membership.

A 300-500 word statement outlining why they wish to be a Full Member of the CCE, and why they believe they are eligible.

A non-refundable application fee - $50

CCE Letters

Applications are now closed.
Please email Alison if you have questions.

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