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ALISON DOWLER - Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Originally hired in the summer of 2014 by CCE co-founders Paul Winestock & Paul Day to help out with some emails and the website, Ali quickly found her natural skillset and passion perfectly complemented the CCE. Today, as Operations Manager, Ali keeps the organization humming day to day. From arranging infrastructure to support the CCE’s multitude of online and in-person events, to managing relationships with the CCE’s sponsors, and liaising with members throughout the year, there’s not much that Ali doesn’t do.

Born in Perth and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Ali’s passion for organizing and strong interpersonal skills made her a gifted educator; she received her degree at Queensland’s University of Technology before heading off to teach Kindergarten and Grade 1 in London, UK in early 2001. Teaching during the week and exploring Europe during her time off, Ali had many adventures that could make for some very entertaining movies, not the least of which was meeting her future husband Jon, a Canadian and aspiring editor.

They moved to Canada the following year where she continued teaching in Scarborough, and started meeting other editors while accompanying her husband to film industry parties and pub nights. After a foray back to Australia from 2005-2010, where she and Jon welcomed two kids in less than 2 years, they somehow forgot how cold it gets in Canada and decided to move back again.

After welcoming their third child in 2013, Ali was already the Chair of the Parent Council at her children’s school in the Beach, nurturing a burgeoning arts & crafts business, a website, a custom lego parts service, a cake decorating hobby, as well as her husband’s freelancing business and being a full-time Mom to 3 energetic kids – but was (somehow) still looking for a new challenge that she could fold into working from home. Cue the CCE!

Over the last eight years, Ali has taken immense pride in watching the CCE membership grow to over 500 members across Canada and internationally, and has enjoyed working passionately with many volunteer board and committee members over the years. She loves to socialize with CCE members and friends, who deeply value her work as Operations Manager. The CCE is lucky to have her, and luckily for us, she can’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be.

Fun Fact #1

Ali was the face of a nationwide campaign in Australia for her alma mater, QUT, and was featured in commercial and print advertisements! Check out her billboard and video link below!

Fun Fact #2

In August 2015, Ali's son Jackson became a viral sensation for leaving a note apologizing for ripping a library book. It made international news, not to mention the front page of the Toronto Star, and led to Ali having to manage Jackson’s press conference and several days of interviews.

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