The Assistant Editor
Recognition Award

The deadline for all submissions is March 1st, 2024 (5pm ET)

The CCE is excited to introduce a new awards category this year: The Assistant Editor Recognition Award. This award recognizes the irreplaceable talent of assistant editors by highlighting achievements in technical, organizational and communication abilities, as well as creativity and problem solving skills.

The CCE is committed to strengthening the unique relationship between editors and assistant editors by honouring the pivotal role that assistant editors play in contributing to a successful production.

The CCE invites editors (both members and non-members) to nominate an assistant editor they worked with who went above and beyond for a project. Nominations are project-specific and the project must have been released within the awards eligibility period (January 1, 2023-December 31, 2023).

The application process involves answering three (3) short essay questions about the assistant editor’s contributions (200 – 300 words per answer). Nominations will be given over to a jury who will be tasked with selecting up to five assistant editors to be recognized at the ceremony. Please read our eligibility requirements here.

Nominations should explain the ways in which the assistant editor went above and beyond in their work on a specific production. Here are the areas of suggested consideration:

Technical Skills:

  • Knowledge and understanding of software
  • Quick study and avid learner
  • Organization: examples include but are not limited to – ability to manage media, codecs, files, paperwork, metadata, notes for editor, etc.

Problem Solving Capabilities:

  • Proactive with the ability to articulate problems before they arise/anticipate issues
  • Professionalism, attitude, suite etiquette and confidentiality
  • Helping to put out technical fires
  • Supporting editorial through clear communications
  • Moral support to the editor(s)


  • Support to the edit through SFX, GFX and music choices
  • Visual research
  • Assembly editing
  • Scene breakdown analysis and critical screening discussions as the cut evolves through every stage until picture is locked (as part of the sounding board discussions on story)
  • Building a respectful and collaborative environment that fosters a working trust with the editor(s)

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