Rosie Awards Nominations 2019

Rosie Awards 2019 - Nominations for CCE Members

Rosie Award Nominees 2019

Congratulations to our CCE members in Alberta who are nominated for Rosie Awards.

Sarah Taylor has 3 nominations, Brenda Terning has 2 nominations and Krystal Moss and Ken Filewych, CCE each have 1 nomination.

Good luck!

Sarah Taylor (plus 1 other editor)

Caution: May Contain Nuts – “Sexy Bigfoot Alien Chef’

Sarah Taylor

The Suburbanight

Ken Filewych, CCE

Heartland – “A Fine Balance”

Brenda Terning

Equus: Story of the Horse – “Origins”

Krystal Moss & Brenda Terning

Equus: Story of the Horse – “Chasing the Wind”


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