Congratulations to 2020 DGC Nominations

Congratulations to 2020 DGC Nominated CCE Members

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Aaron Marshall, CCE

The Handmaid’s Tale, Episode 309: Heroic


D. Gillian Truster, CCE

Anne With An E, Episode 307, A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good


Teresa De Luca, CCE

Coroner, Episode 208, Fire Part 2


Roderick Deogrades

Killjoys, Episode 501, Run, Yala, Run

Sandy Pereira

Cardinal: Until the Night, Scott


Lee-Ann Cass

Christmas Chalet

Paul Winestock, CCE

Schitt’s Creek, Episode 613, Start Spreading the News


Mike Fly, Aren Hansen, Nick Wong (plus 2 other editors)

Baroness Von Sketch Show, Episode 401, Humanity is in an Awkward Stage

Ron Sanders, CCE



Matthew Hannam, CCE

The Nest


Jorge Weisz



Michelle Szemberg, Orlee Buium

Queen of the Morning Calm

Caroline Christie, CCE (plus 1 other editor)

Meat the Future


Lee Walker

Butterflies in the Storm


Caroline Christie, CCE

First We Eat


Nicholas Montgomery

No Roses on a Sailor’s Grave


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