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Episode 013: Meet Dominique Champagne

LADM Episode13 Dominique Champagne

Episode 13: Meet Dominique Champagne

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To open the new season, we are privileged to welcome a seasoned editor: Dominique Champagne.

Dominique Champagne and Catherine Legault at MELS Studio
Photo credit : François Pecard

Dominique has edited feature films, documentaries, and it is really thanks to her work in TV series that she has made a name for herself, notably with SHARP OBJECTS, where she collaborated with Jean-Marc Vallé, but also with Sophie Deraspe, on the series DARK SOUL (BÊTE NOIRE) and MOTEL PARADIS. Our host, Catherine Legault, invites you to discover the behind-the-scenes of Dominique’s career, and maybe she’ll even share some editing tips with us.

 Enjoy your listening!


Some of Dominique latest work

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